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As of APRIL 16, 2021

Jerry Crowder
Tournament Director

Lane assignments will be sent to Thunderbowl Lanes
one week before bowling.
If you don't cancel seven days prior to bowling,
you will be considered a "no-show" and forfeit your entry fees.

Most of you already know whether you are coming or not, so be a good teammate. Please let your captain and /or squad leader know, so they can inform us or contact the tournament directly.
I have already refunded some bowlers entry fees. This year is a challenge for all of us. Plan ahead, let people know and be patient with the changes. Also, we are requesting that bowlers limit any spectators to preferably no more than one. This is especially important on the heavier weekends. Thunderbowl lanes have a capacity limit. Bowlers will need to vacate the bowling area as soon as possible after bowling to allow the next shift the space.
Thank you,

Raymond Faubert
Mixed Doubles Tournament Director

Except for the June 11th weekend, there are still openings
on all 4:00 & 6:30 squads.

I also have many names "pencilled in" from people who have contacted me to save them spots.
I will be deleting these spots 1 week prior to the date requested
so that I can get a good lineup to Thunderbowl Lanes.
I also have several names of bowlers who rolled over their entries to this year, but they have not yet contacted me to complete the rollover process.
If you fall into this group, please give me a call to finalize things.
800-916-5671 is the tournament number.

We have had several inquiries pertaining to the running of the tournament. This year is going to have its challenges, but we are still moving forward. We will be following all the regulations that the state of Michigan requires.

What Jerry Crowder and I are in agreement on is,
whatever your reasons are if you feel uncomfortable about bowling this year, please don't feel obligated to come.
Whatever your reasons are, we will understand.
The only thing we are asking is that you please let us know that you have decided not to come this year due to the pandemic.
Thanks again for helping us continue to run a great tournament. I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as we can.
We really missed you last year.
Thank you,

The lanes are still open and so is the state of Michigan.

If this situation changes we will post it and inform you.
(Just like we did last year.)

The Postal Federal tournament and Thunderbowl lanes will do everything possible to keep all bowlers and their guest safe and still have an enjoyable experience.

Safeguards for keeping bowlers safe include:
Counter shields.
Mask will be required in all areas.
A waiting area for bowlers and guest between shifts.
Spectators will be allowed,
but there is a capacity limit for the building.
Busier weekends may be more restrictive than lighter ones.

We ask everyone to be patient and flexable.
This situation can change from day to day or week to week.

Social distancing will require you (the bowlers) to be respectful of each other.



The association P.F.E.N.B.A., was formed to promote and run a national bowling tournament for Postal & Federal employees, members of the armed forces and retirees from the postal service, federal sector and the military.
Terre Haute, Indiana hosted our first bowling tournament in 1935.

Since 1935, our association has successfully hosted 82 national tournaments in cities such as Philadelphia, PA., St. Louis, MO., Chicago, IL., Windsor, ONT., Louisville, KY., Detroit MI., and Indianapolis, IN..

This handicap tournament is open to any team consisting of five women or five men and having at least three current or retired postal, federal employee, active or retired member of the armed forces, or tournament five year member in any combination.

Allen Park, Michigan
will host the 2021 National Bowling tournament that will begin the weekend of April 23rd and runs through June 13th.

Singles and Doubles events are bowled on Saturdays with the team event scheduled for Sundays.
The Robert Oaks SR. Mixed Doubles Tournament is bowled on the Friday nights before the Annual Tournament.

Please review this site to learn more about our association,
it's rich history, and our 83rd Annual Bowling Tournament.

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