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The association P.F.E.N.B.A., was formed to promote and run a national bowling tournament for Postal & Federal employees, members of the armed forces and retirees from the postal service, federal sector and the military.
Terre Haute, Indiana hosted our first bowling tournament in 1935.

Since 1935, our association has successfully hosted 82 national tournaments in cities such as Philadelphia, PA., St. Louis, MO., Chicago, IL., Windsor, ONT., Louisville, KY., Detroit MI., and Indianapolis, IN..

This handicap tournament is open to any team consisting of five women or five men and having at least three current or retired postal, federal employee, active or retired member of the armed forces, or tournament five year member in any combination.

Indianapolis, Indiana will host the 2020 National Bowling tournament that will begin the weekend of April 17th and runs through June 21st.

Singles and Doubles events are bowled on Saturdays with the team event scheduled for Sundays.
The Robert Oaks SR. Mixed Doubles Tournament is bowled on the Friday nights before the Annual Tournament.

Please review this site to learn more about our association,
it's rich history, and our 83rd Annual Bowling Tournament.

Postal Federal Employees
National Bowling Tournament

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